Get Rid of Mice With No Poison or Traps

Friday, September 02, 2016

Mice. They are an icky part of city life. I've had them in most of my apartments at some point—and in my early experience they were hard to get rid of once they've shown up. However, a couple years back when we were battling a mouse invasion that our landlord did little to help us address a friend recommended one of the anti-rodent devices that you plug into an outlet. He said he had one in his house and had never had a mouse problem. It sounded too good to be true.

Desperate for a solution, we bought one (to be specific, the Home Sentinel 5 in 1 Indoor Home Pest Control Repeller, $18;, plugged it in, and were not at all surprised when we found evidence of mice the next morning. However, I left it plugged in, and after a few days, all signs of the mice disappeared. Perhaps it was a coincidence: I had no way to know.

However, when mice starting showing up in our apartment this spring (yuck, I know!), I was even more reluctant to use poison or traps with a toddler crawling around. After a week or so of mouse visits, I unearthed the Home Sentinel device and plugged it in. Once again, there was evidence of a mouse the next morning, but after that all signs of the mice disappeared.

The first time I was inclined to believe that it was pure luck the mice had gone elsewhere, but the second time convinced me that this product works. It may not work in larger homes of single-family dwellings, but in my former brownstone apartment and current 100+-unit building, the supposed "ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technology" has sent the mice packing. $20 well spent

This is not a sponsored post, it's just something I wanted to share in case anyone else has found themselves with unwanted four-legged guests.



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