Sofa: Ikea's Karlstad

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another sofa I like is the Karlstad sofa from IKEA, and at $399 for the white or $499 for medium gray, it's a very affordable option. I'm weary of buying another IKEA sofa after my Lillberg sofa broke. I could also go pick it up in my station wagon and bring it home the same day without having to pay for any shipping or wait for it to arrive.

Perhaps I could even replace the ugly legs on the Karlstad with a wooden, tapered leg like the Jasper sofa from Room & Board?


Elizabeth said...

One of these in a dark wood would look nice with the white:

Robert said...

Hello All,

I'm a small woodworker. I've been making replacement legs for the Ikea Karlstad for over a year.

Unscrew the original legs - screw the new ones in. That simple. THE THREADS MATCH.

Most popular seem to be a "Mid-Century" style: round, gentle taper.Similar to the ones on the Jasper sofa from Room and Board. Most popular color is Medium Brown. $30/4 + shipping.

I can make other styles, sizes, colors - just let me know what you would like.

Contact me at or on my website

Hope I can help.

k2yhe said...

I actually have two sets of the legs mentioned in the comment above. They are fantastic. No tools, no special skills, quick and easy, and so much better looking than the ones from IKEA. Here are a couple of links to photos of my Karlstad's with their new legs:

Laura Fenton said...

These look great! I didn't end up getting Karlstad, but I am so happy to see that it worked out for you.


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