Sofa: Room & Board's Jasper

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday, I stopped into the SoHo Room & Board store to take a look at the Jasper sofa. Jasper is an awfully nice couch--both attractive and comfortable, and the 'Straw' color it comes in for fast shipping is very appealing. You can also order a slipcover for the Jasper sofa for an extra $399, which is nice, and I like the 'Linen' slipcover fabric even better than the base upholstery's hue, especially for summer. However, that adds up to nearly $1,800, plus another $80+ for shipping--a lot of money. As much as I would love to invest in a great couch that will last me for years to come, it just might not be in the budget right now. Sigh, sigh, sigh.


Liz Fenton said...

That sofa is really nice, but the Karlstad one, for the same price as a slipcover, gives you pretty much the same look. Go to Ikea with a picture of your broken one (website posting) and see what they will do for you. And get a second slipcover, while you're at it.

dolamakes said...

another nice thing about the Karlstad is that you can get custom feet put on. The boy got a new one on CraigsList for half the price that came with an extra set of nicer feet. They made a huge difference to the overall asthetic.

While I love Ikea, the prices and meatballs, their feet usually stink.

Miss Fae said...

I got a jasper sofa on Clist in Brooklyn for $200, True Story. Keep a look out and you can totally get one


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