Our New Couch -- Finally!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

IT FINALLY CAME! I ordered our new Jasper sofa and slipcover from Room & Board on August 26th (shortly after my 30th birthday), but it just arrived yesterday. We're both thrilled with the new sofa -- it's as lovely as I remember the showroom model to have been.

Now we just need to figure out what throw pillows work on the new couch. I'm also eager to get a new slipcover made for the barrel chair, which you can see below. The old Laura Ashley cover from my childhood looks a little shabby next to our gleaming new Jasper.

What happened to the old Ikea sofa, you ask? My friends, have you ever used Craigslist's free section? It is amazing. Every time I have posted something there, someone comes to pick up the item I no longer want or need -- I even managed to get rid of a bunch of half-used cans of house paint once. A guy named Tony is now in possession of the broken Lillberg and I wish him luck with keeping it in one piece.


JolieAnne said...

I love that *NEW* sofa of yours.
Over a year ago I had my own sofa woes! I decided to buy a certain color of green sofa but it did not exist. I was sure I could find it but the only way to go was "custom" and my budget said "NO" so I was not happy.
I did buy a moss green sofa
and just accepted the thing as a piece I could work around. No one
sits on it except my dog until she
sees me! I have learned a lesson...so next time I will wait and get what I want. I have 2 more years to go and I hope I will find my dream sofa...to look at.

Liz Fenton said...

It looks terrific, and, yes, the chair does need a makeover (though a new one might be cheaper). How about some Marimekko pillows?

lola said...

i might have some VH fabric on hand if you want!


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