Small Space Tip: Ditch the Shower Curtain

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our new bathroom is small—one of the smallest I've had in New York City, and that's saying something. When we renovated, everything was chosen to make the space feel larger. However, one of the things that made the biggest impact on the feeling of the space had nothing to do with renovating and cost nothing at all. We've decided to forgo a shower curtain. 

When we moved in, we hung a clear shower curtain liner with the full intention of finding a new shower curtain to dress up the space. After researching options, and realizing a good-looking model wouldn't come cheap, I bit the bullet and ordered Anthropologie's Morning Light shower curtain. It was beautiful (I would recommend it to anyone in search of a neutral, tasteful option), but as soon as I hung it, the bathroom felt claustrophobic. My husband tentatively asked, "Do we really need a shower curtain?" and I realized that maybe we didn't. The curtain went back, and we've been living with just the clear liner.

Since then, I've found that we're in good company. Erin, who writes the blog Reading My Tea Leaves, also decided that no curtain meant the illusion of more space.  While decorator Vicente Wolf used clear plastic liners to dramatic effect around a clawfoot tub in this bathroom that ran in ELLE DECOR.

Designer and shop owner John Derian also has no shower curtain in one of the bathrooms of his Provincetown, RI home. 

What do you think? Would you forgo a traditional curtain? Or do you think a bathroom look too bare without one? 



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