DIY Pinata Ornament

Friday, November 30, 2012

When my friends at Country Living asked me to create a Christmas craft for their Holiday Pinspiration Party page, I was happy to oblige. After noodling around with a few ornament ideas, I decided to try making a mini-pinata ornament. I was inspired by a glass pinata ornament at Paper Source and all the amazing pinata series on the Oh Happy Day blog. (My husband's love for all things Mexican was another source for this project.) The resulting ornament will have a prominent place on our tree this year.

Country Living wants to see what you've made! Post a picture of a holiday craft or decoration you've made onto Country Living's Facebook wall. They'll add your images to their Pinterest board to share more holiday pinspriation!

Here's how I made it:

- red, dark green and light green streamers
- ribbon
- lightweight cardboard (like a cereal box)
- scissors
- painter's or masking tape (mine just happens to be bright green)
- white craft glue (like Elmer's)

Step 1: Draw a pinata shape onto your cardboard and cut it out (I made a traditional burro, but you can get creative with your shape!). Trace the shape onto a second piece of cardboard and cut it out. Cut out strips of cardboard 1/2-inch to 3/4 wide and as long as your cardboard (you'll need several strips).
Step 2: Use the masking tape to affix the strips to the first pinata shape to create a border around the permieter (bend the cardboard as you reach each corner).

Step 3: Cut a length of ribbon; fold it in half and make a knot at the folded end. Cut a slit in the top of the pinata and slip the two ends of the folded, knotted ribbon through the slit (the knot will keep the ribbon from sliding out the slit).
Step 4: Tape the second pinata shape to the cardboard border to create a boxy three-dimensional pinata.

Step 5: Cut streamers into 8 to 10-inch lengths; fold them in half lengthwise and cut the open ends into a fringe. I used approximately 6 rows of each color.
Step 6: Begin gluing the frige to the cardboard pinata starting from the bottom and working your way up. Put small dabs of white glue on the cardboard and use the glue's top to spread them out into thin lines. Gently press the folded edge of the fringed streamer strips into the glue. Work up the body of the pinata, alternating colors every two rows or so.
Step 7: When you reach the top, you will need to add a few strips of streamer to cover the perimeter of the pinata.
Step 8: Continue adding fringe until you have covered the whole pinata.


Tim Fenton said...

Very cute. Did you put some candy inside?

Laura Fenton said...

No, I didn't! It was much too much work to make this guy to smash it!


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