Dyeing Your Wedding Dress?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I didn't expect it to happen to me, but I've found myself getting a little sentimental about my wedding dress and haven't been able to myself to sell it on eBay. I know that I'll never wear it again, and it is highly unlikely that another woman in my life will want to wear it, so I've been toying around with the idea of dyeing it. Please excuse my very lame Photoshopping skills, but I have "dyed" my dress a light gray above, as a rough estimate of what it might look like in another hue. Would it be worth the $50 to $75 to have it professionally dyed? Would I wear it?

I've also doctored a shot of my bridesmaid's dresses to look like it's been dyed black. You'd get a lot more wear out of a black party dress than a pale blue one, wouldn't you? New York magazine recommends Metro Custom Dyeing, metrodyeing.com, and I'm tempted to give it a try. So, dear readers, has anyone tried to do this with a dress?

UPDATE: My sweet friend Jane wrote to tell me the following, "I took 3 dresses. Two were cotton and came out beautifully. The third, which was silk, shrunk so much that I can't wear it anymore (they warned me this might happen). Now I wear that one as a shirt. The color was great on all. One thing to consider is what the thread is made of. Often times, it won't dye--I didn't mind having "contrast stitching" on my dresses, which I now do. I dye a lot of my stuff myself, and ultimately I wasn't convinced that what they did was that much better than what I can do at home with a box of Rit."


Anonymous said...

Sherry at Young House Love dyed her wedding dress.


Bonnie said...

I just dyed my polyester wedding dress. I'm not a fan of RIT - there are better dyes out there!

Best of luck!



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