A Bibliophile Retreat in Greenport

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I loved the little Greenport, NY house featured in the New York Times last week, and it came as no surprise that the original owners of Three Lives & Company bookstore have devised clever ways to store all of their books. My mother has been suggesting a high up book shelf all around the perimeter of our living room, like the one below. Seeing these pictures, it seems like an excellent solution for a household overrun with books.


Helena said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! I have SO many books and my bookcases are kind of ugly... I've been toying with covering this one wall in my bedroom with floor-to-ceiling shelves... I have 14 foot ceilings, so I could justify a library ladder! (dreams)

Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky people who don't live in earthquake country! No books over the bedh for the folk in California!

brittany said...

This is great... just what I'm looking to do in my cabin in Alaska. I just have a question - how are your bookshelves hanging from the wall? I can't see any kind of support?



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